Laurita Winery OktoberFest 2019

October 11, 2019

An afternoon of food, fun, and lots of locally made sangria at the Laurita Winery OktoberFest with food trucks, fire pits, live music, and more!

Last weekend, I spent another fantastic day at Laurita Winery for their OktoberFest with Food Trucks & Fire Pits festival!  There were family and friends there to celebrate my sisters’ birthdays in the best way – with wine and food.  Lots and lots of food!   Our group was large, but I tried to make the usual food truck stops, as well as trying new ones, and visiting vendors.

Wine Tasting

Just like last time, we started with the wine tasting.  For $7, you get to try six wines off of the tasting sheet.  I decided to go with mostly dry reds and a couple favorite sweet reds this time.

  • Norton – dark, dry red with berry flavors
  • Bistro – a favorite dry red wine that’s fruit forward
  • Merlot – smooth with notes of plum, berries, and oak accents with a spicy finish
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – a spicy, slightly smoky, oak accented red with flavors of currants, cherry, and plum, and vanilla
  • Tailgate Red – very cherry forward semi-sweet red
  • Sangria – the best damn sangria you’ll ever have in your life made with a seven fruit blend! 

Five Sisters Catering Co.

After the wine tasting, my first stop was saying hello to my friends at Five Sisters Catering Co.  They have become a must-stop food truck during festivals for us.  Last time, we had an epic mac’n’cheese cone and, before that, my sister and I split the brie sliders.  This time around, I asked them what they recommended and got the Whiskey Tango sliders.  

One bite told me that these sliders would be the best thing that I ate all day.  That’s a pretty bold statement considering we got there at 11 when the festival opened.  But that statement held true! 

The Whiskey Tango sliders are made with two juicy, whiskey glazed burgers topped with bacon, cheddar, onion petals, and a bourbon BBQ sauce.  Holy amazing!  These sliders were so good that I plan on recreating a burger with similar flavors for dinner this week!  I’m already scoping out the menu for my next visit (I’m looking at those Moonshine sliders)! 

Elemen7ts by Nitro Girl

We’ve tried some pretty crazy concoctions from Elemen7ts by Nitro Girl, like Nitro Maple Bacon Crack Stuffed Crust Pizza.  But as soon as they advertised that they would have hot Butterbeer, I was SO THERE!  I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and never had Butterbeer before. 

I’ve totally been missing out!  How do I describe Butterbeer besides “brilliant” (in my best British accent, of course)? Well, it’s creamy, sweet, and tastes like butterscotch.  It was a perfect hot drink for the cool, fall day we had.  I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t go back for another cup! 

Jersey Roll

Jersey Roll is dedicated to serving up the finest Jersey delicacy – pork roll!  Last time I was here, I split a Pork Roll Chicken Cordon Bleu and it was delicious!  I apparently wasn’t playing around this food truck festival and didn’t split….well, much of anything.  That was a big mistake and I won’t be doing that again because I missed out on a lot!  By the time I was done with my sliders and Butterbeer, I was already getting full!

But my sister and her fiancé ordered a couple things off the Jersey Roll menu!  The Jersey Tropics sandwich sounded excellent with pineapple and BBQ sauce on top.  My sister got the tots topped with cheese and pork roll.  I mean, just get a load of those! 

The tots were cooked perfectly with crunch in every bite that held up underneath the drizzle of cheese sauce.  The chopped pork roll on top added a delicious boost of flavor and saltiness.  I should have went in for another bite! 

Shore Good Eats N’ Treats

My brother and I headed to Shore Good Eats N’ Treats after seeing their loaded butterfly fries and gourmet egg rolls.  We got an order of the C.B.R. butterfly fries minus the “R” (Ranch).  The fries were golden brown and crispy.  I’d like to congratulate the person who can eat an order of these by themselves.  There were two of us and we couldn’t finish them!

The fries were more than enough, but we had to sample those egg rolls! So we got Buffalo chicken, macaroni & cheese, and cheesesteak egg rolls.  By this time, I was ready to burst.  So I only had half of a Buffalo chicken egg roll and it was delicious!  Crispy on the outside with juicy, Buffalo flavored chicken on the inside.  It was just spicy enough!

Maddalena’s CheeseCake

After a bit more walking around, I was somehow ready for dessert (dont’t judge) and tried the Apple Crumb Pie a la mode from Maddalena’s CheeseCake.  It’s made with their own apple crumb pie served warmed over vanilla ice cream and topped with salted caramel.  A-mazing!  

Before leaving, my sister-in-law and I visited the Stillwell Farms stand.  We got metal spiders to hold scented candles (I got Praline Caramel Sticky Buns and it smells amazing), plus I bought my mother and myself beautiful bouquets of freshly cut fall flowers!

The full list of food trucks from Laurita Winery OktoberFest!
  • RED Pizza
  • Maddalena’s CheeseCake
  • Five Sisters
  • House of Cupcakes
  • Shore Good Eats n’ Treats
  • Jersey Roll
  • Cousins Maine Lobster
  • Tacoholics
  • Cold Stone Catering
  • Callahans
  • Empanada Guy
  • Elemen7ts By Nitro Girl
  • Mastoris Catering
  • Coffee Bouteaque
  • Waffles de Lys
  • Scuba and the Beast
  • Highway 2 Ohana
  • Pompier Catering
  • Star of the Sea Seafood
  • Joe Smoke Bar B Que
  • The Little Sicilian
  • Meat Wagon BBQ
  • Chimney Cake Factory
  • Cannoli World
  • JD’s House of Bacon

I had sangria in one hand and food in the other most of the day.  It was a great way to celebrate my sisters’ birthday and enjoy a cool, sunny fall day!  There were so many other food trucks I wish I could have visited, but there’s always next time! 


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