Planting Lowbush Blueberries in Our Garden

September 8, 2023

Let’s talk about native plants and planting lowbush blueberries from Plant Addicts in our garden. This edible plant is great for pollinators and blueberry lovers!

Thank you to Plant Addicts for gifting me with a Lowbush Blueberry plant in exchange for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

Lowbush blueberry plant in garden. Pollinator plants in background and painted rock in front of blueberries.

For the past year or so, I’ve been not-so-subtly hinting that we should extend our garden.  While our small fenced in garden has served us well over the past decade, there was a patch of grass next to it just screaming to become part of our garden.  So this summer, we finally started digging it out.

My husband gave me free reign over the garden extension.  I did a bunch of research to decided which plants to add.  I’d even gone so far as to standing back and watching which plants the butterflies and bees favored in garden centers.

Close up photo of garden marker rock painted with blueberries.

It took me one weekend to fill up the pollinator portion of our garden with popular pollinator plants and native plants (naturally growing in the country or region), as well.  With that portion of the garden filled up, I started thinking about what to plant in the empty space.

I wanted to make that an extension of our vegetable garden.  Around the same time I was planning our vegetable garden, Plant Addicts reached out to me and offered me a native plant from their website.

Lowbush blueberry plant in garden with painted rock garden marker in front of it.

Who are Plant Addicts?

Plant Addicts is a family owned small business offering high quality plants, hard-to-find plants, and decor.  The plants are shipped right from garden nurseries to your home and packaged with care.

They are friendly and efficient when it comes to answering any questions you have.  As I was trying to choose which plant to add to our garden, I had a planting question that was answered with expertise.

Hunter, Cairn Terrier, sitting in garden next to lowbush blueberry bush.

Lowbush Blueberry Plant

After going through the list of plants Plant Addicts offered, I settled on a Lowbush Blueberry plant.  Not only will this add a sweet touch to the edible portion of our garden, it’s a native plant that will attract pollinators as well.  Plus, with New Jersey being dubbed the “Blueberry Capital of the World,” it seemed fitting.

I was concerned about planting a blueberry bush so close to fall, but was told I could plant until the ground freezes.  In fact, one of the best times to plant blueberry bushes is in the fall!  This way, the plant will have time to get acclimated and be ready to grow the next spring.

Lowbush blueberry plant in live plant shipping box.

Lowbush blueberry plant from Plant Addicts with plastic wrapping on bottom.

I’ve received live plants in the mail before, but I must say that Plant Addicts has really impressive packaging.  The bottom half of the plant was wrapped in a plastic drawstring bag to protect any dirt from falling out.

Hand holding lowbush blueberry plant in pot.

The entire plant was packaged in a cardboard box that allowed the blueberry bush to sit snugly inside of it.  When it arrived, the plant was in great condition – no broken stems and it looked healthy (no drooping, dead leaves, etc.).

Closeup photo of lowbush blueberry plant leaves in garden.

Different From Your Average Blueberry Bush

What makes the Lowbush Blueberry different than your average blueberry bush is that it grows low to the ground.  The blueberries are smaller and known to be super sweet and full of antioxidants.  If you’ve seen wild blueberry muffin mixes in the store, they’re most likely made with lowbush blueberries.

These plants are often found in the wild, but blend nicely into cottage style landscaping – kind of the vibe I wanted for our garden extension.

We won’t see any blueberries until maybe next spring.  However, during the fall, the leaves should turn shades of maroon and purple.  As someone who adores fall foliage, I’m excited to see this transition!

Lowbush blueberry plant in pollinator garden. Light flare featured on left side of photo.

With our new plant in the ground, it’s important to keep it healthy while it gets established.  So I’ve been keeping the soil moist and watching for any changes.  Knock on wood – so far, it seems pretty happy in its new home!  I hope we get to enjoy this blueberry bush for many years to come!

Horizontal of photo of lowbush blueberry plant in ground. Painted rock in front of plant.

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