How to Make Fresh Herb Wreaths

November 14, 2013

Use garden herbs like rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender to create beautiful and fragrant fresh herb wreaths that are perfect for the holiday season.

I recently came across a fresh rosemary wreath tutorial on Pinterest.  The wreaths were made using small craft rings as a base.  Then, fresh sprigs of rosemary were placed around the ring with wire to create an aromatic seasonal decoration for the home.

I love adding natural elements to our home.  So I decided to create my own fresh herb wreaths.  We have a few herbs that are still growing in our garden.  But since it’s late in the season, I don’t think they’ll be thriving too much longer.  It’s the perfect time clip some herbs and use the cuttings to create fresh herb wreaths!

The herbs you use to make these wreaths is up to you.  I used a combination of rosemary, eucalyptus, oregano, and lavender – basically whatever was left in the garden.  You can wrap each herb in its own individual section around the wreath or layer the herbs over one another.

How to Make Fresh Herb Wreaths

If you’re sad that gardening season is over, these beautiful wreaths will allow you to embrace the herbs that you grew just a little bit longer.  Plus, they smell so good!

To start the wreaths, form a small circle out of the florist wire.  The size of your wreath will depend on the wire ring you make and the fresh herbs you have available. Once the circle is formed, wrap the ends of the wire around the circle to secure them in place.

Next, start placing the herbs around the wire circle and secure them in place with florist wire.  Continue doing this around the entire wire circle, overlapping as you go.

All that’s left to do is add ribbon to the wreath and hang!  With the holiday season coming up, I used a holiday print ribbon to hang the wreaths.  If you don’t have ribbon, you could use twine.



  1. Use the florist wire to form a circle.  The size of the circle depends on how big you want to make your wreaths.  Once the circle is formed, take the ends of the wire and wrap them around to secure them in place.
  2. Now, start adding the herbs to the wreath and secure them in place with florist wire.  Continue doing this around the entire circle, overlapping the herbs as you go.
  3. Once the herbs are in place, add twine or ribbon for hanging.  Then, hang your wreath!

These wreaths would also look great on your holiday table with small candles placed in the center or attached to gifts.  They’re a festive and fresh way to use up the last of your garden herbs and bring a touch of nature into your home during the winter months.

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