Strawberry Gardening Tips

May 20, 2015

If you’re planting strawberries this summer, keep them thriving with these strawberry gardening tips!

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When I was planning what to write for this week’s posts, I was stuck on a post for today.  So I started looking up daily holidays in May.  Today just so happens to be “Pick Strawberries Day.”
We had a big pot of strawberries growing for a few years, but they seemed to be doing worse than better as each year passed.   We would only get a few small strawberries from it and that was it. So we decided to start all over again this year and did things a bit differently.  My husband built us these beautiful, wooden garden boxes.  One is filled with a variety of herbs.  The other is strictly for strawberries.
Stawberry Gardening Tips for Pick Strawberries Day

The strawberries growing in the garden box have been dug up from my in-law’s house.  They were growing wild in their yard!  We also planted strawberries called Pineberry Strawberries in a hanging basket.  These are white with red seeds and apparently taste like a cross between pineapple and strawberry.
While we don’t have any strawberries yet to pick in our garden, I’m going to share some tips on growing strawberries so you can celebrate “Pick Strawberries Day” right in your own backyard!


Just like us, strawberries enjoy sunny, Summer days.  Make sure you plant them in a spot that gets sunlight most of the day.


Even though strawberries like the sun, make sure you give them plenty of water!  Water in the morning and the evening to promote big, healthy strawberry growth.  Add a little compost or coffee grounds on top of the soil to keep those babies moist!


You’re not going to be the only one who wants to enjoy your freshly grown strawberries!  Keep squirrels, birds and other strawberry snatchers away by creating a barricade with chicken wire or netting.


Make sure you don’t plant your strawberries on top of each other.  Give them space to spread out, grow and even dangle over the edge of your planter.


If you don’t get strawberries the first year, that’s okay!  As long as your plant is healthy, your strawberries, most likely, will return the next year and give you berries.
Once you’ve successfully grown and picked your own strawberries, check out the homemade Strawberry-Vanilla Jam I learned how to make last year!



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