12 Best Planner Stickers for Your Weekly Planner Spread

January 13, 2022

These 12 Best Planner Stickers are perfect for creating weekly planner spreads and giving tasks, important dates, and events a fun and decorative touch!

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Today is National Sticker Day!  I didn’t even know that was a thing until I got my 2022 planner and saw it on the calendar.  A pretty fitting holiday to be on a planner calendar!  I’ve been using planners for a few years now and, up until last year, I wasn’t creating weekly planner spreads.

So I started following a few Instagram planner accounts.  I got inspired, bought a bunch of stickers and washi tape, and made creating planner spreads part of my Sunday routine.

I used to love playing in sticker books when I was younger.  So sitting down and creating weekly spreads kind of makes me feel like a kid again!

12 Best Planner Stickers for Your Weekly Planner Spread

If one of your goals for this year is to get more organized this year, start with a planner!  Then, grab some stickers to decorate your pages and inspire you!  Some of these stickers are simply decorative and others are functional and help you keep track of important dates and events.

  1. Seasons Mini Sticker Tablet
  2. Classic Planner Sticker Sheets Variety Pack
  3. Weekly Planner Stickers
  4. Productivity Stickers Variety Pack
  5. Practical Planner Stickers Value Pack
  6. Female Empowerment Planner Stickers
  7. Happy Planner Pet Stickers
  8. Simple Productivity Weekly Planner Stickers
  9. Gold Foil Planner Stickers
  10. She Believed She Could Planner Stickers
  11. ban.do Planner Sticker Book
  12. The Happy Planner Seasonal Stickers

Do you have a planner?  Do you create weekly spreads to help keep you motivated?


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