Polymer Clay Essentials for Jewelry Making

October 8, 2021

If you love the DIY clay jewelry trend and want to make your own clay earrings and more, this list of Polymer Clay Essentials for Jewelry Making will help you get started!

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The days are getting colder and if you’re looking for a new craft to do while you’re cozying up inside, try making clay jewelry!  Last month, I decided to take the plunge and started buying supplies to make clay jewelry – especially those trendy clay earrings.

I’ve seen so many great DIY clay jewelry pieces on Instagram and Pinterest.  And after a friend suggested that I should make some Halloween earrings, I was like “Yup! Gotta do it!”  So between Amazon and the craft store, I’ve started stocking up on polymer clay jewelry making supplies.

That weekend, I made my first set of Halloween earrings and a necklace!  Even my hardly used pasta maker found a new purpose for rolling out clay!

It wasn’t too long after making that first set of clay jewelry that I ended up back at the craft store to buy more supplies. I’m still in the beginning stages of clay crafting, so I’m continuously adding to my clay making supplies.  I don’t want to go overboard yet since I’m still in the learning stages.  So I’m buying things little by little.

Polymer Clay Essentials for Jewelry Making

If you’re starting to get into clay jewelry making, I put together a list of essentials to help you get started!  It might seem strange to use a pasta maker for crafting, but it’s a dream when it comes to rolling out sheets of clay!  And the cleaning wipes are there to keep your crafting space clean.  Everything else is pretty self-explanatory!

  1. Polymer Clay Starter Kit (24 Colors)
  2. Glass Cutting Mat
  3. Pasta Maker
  4. Acrylic Clay Roller
  5. Gorilla Super Glue Gel
  6. X-Acto Knife
  7. Clay Cutter Blade
  8. Hand Drill with Drill Bits
  9. Metal Toothpicks
  10. Hole Punch Clay Cutters
  11. Clay Extruder
  12. Cleaning Wipes
  13. Baking Sheet
  14. Parchment Paper
  15. Assorted Jump Rings
  16. Jewelry Pliers
  17. Earring Posts
  18. Earring Hooks
  19. Gold Leaf Paint
  20. Gold Paint Marker
  21. Paint Brushes
  22. Sandpaper
  23. Sculpey Satin Glaze

If you’re planning ahead for the holidays and looking for a gift to give the crafters on your list, make them a clay crafting kit with some of these items!

Have you jumped on the clay jewelry making trend?


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